Media Obsession!

Music and Media consumption, it is what I have to come realize is what I live and breath. From morning to evening I hardly spend a living moment without it. From the very sound of my alarm in the morning, to what is plugged into my ears at night, constantly I am filling my mind with music and media. Sometimes it is an inadvertent consumption taking place but the majority of the time it is completely intentional. From too much time invested in my fantasy football team, to watching every HBO television series that is broadcasted. One thing is for certain I may have a minor addiction to mass media. Ok I lied I have a huge addiction to mass media and I do not see it changing anytime soon.

On the first day of this assignment it fascinated me on many accounts how much media I actually was consuming. I arrived to my boss’s house and we watched Espn for thirty minutes before we went to work. All day at work my ears were plugged in with my IPod. From car rides to and from work with the radio on to spending all day at work with my IPod plugged in, I am constantly infiltrating myself with mass media. All day long I constantly check Espn updates on my phone. Even as I am writing this article I guiltily admit I am watching football on my TV. This media consumption problem of mine is borderline pathetic and now I am broadcasting my problem. Before you know it I will be in a mass media consumption anonymous meeting with all my other fellow addicts.  I mean its normal for people to fall asleep with there IPod in their ears and TV sets on right? Well maybe for me it is. Day one of my media consumption journal definitely turned into something I would have rather left unchartered and undiscovered territory.

The second day of this task I was on campus all day and a lot like the first day it was filled with lots more music and lots more media. I would walk from class to class jamming out on my IPod and stayed plugged in as I would write a paper in the computer lab. Not to mention the massive ammount of time I spend on facebook while writing papers. Facebook and other social networking sites are something I just can not seem to pry myself away from. Like a broken record of the first day the second day was similar just different environments. Except this time I paid closer attention to the inadvertent consumptions. From pumping gas to going to the mall to buy a new sweatshirt, advertisements filled my head. I could not even go to the grocery store without having advertisement after advertisement penetrating my mind and infiltrating my head telling me what I should buy.

One thing is for certain Mass Media has too much power. Not only on my intentional decisions to consume it, but also the unintentional consumptions. Mass media surrounds us everywhere, we can not go anywhere without this constant bombardment into our lives. It is relentless and all around us and has become such a fundamental infrastructure to our culture and society. What would a day look like without mass media? It sounds like a day I would never want to experience.

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