Two days without media? Can I plead insanity now? What I encountered was terrible, horrific, painful, and worst of all it was complete torture. Yes I Micah Mohlmann experienced a gruesome two days of no phone, no internet, no music, no television, No Media! This is one assignment I would never voluntarily submit myself to do on my own.

Is it even possible to fully avoid media all together? I will tell you this you can certainly try but unless you keep yourself locked up in a box for two days it is impossible. I would be lying to you if I were to tell you that I did not intentionally avoid doing this experiment on a Sunday so I would not have to miss out on all the football frenzy going on. Going two days without media is one thing but, but having to miss football Sunday? Now that is a little ridiculous, well at least for an addict like me it is. My intentions were slightly skewed by manipulating the task by not doing this on a weekend. Come on now I needed to be able to go out in federal hill Friday night and the Hfstival all day Saturday right?

I decided to strap on my big boy shoes and do the unthinkable. I unplugged my TV, shut down my laptop, un-plugged my IPod from my awkwardly small little ears and went lights out for two days with no media.  The sound of waking up to music in the morning had obnoxiously transformed into a terrible buzzing noise that reminded me of high school. Next my normal bowl of cereal in the morning was far too quiet without the TV highlights of lasts night’s game on the screen, instead I stared at a dark black object that looks foreign when not turned on. The thirty minutes of exhaustingly slow traffic in dead silence left me alone with nothing but my thoughts. In my head I was getting ready to do the famous Happy Gilmore putter swing where he launches his putter fifty feet in the air out of complete utter frustration.

Strolling through campus from class to class it was all too quiet then what I am normally familiar with. I suddenly began to think the unthinkable, “this really isn’t that bad.” There was a kind of liberation feeling that I experienced without always drowning out my thoughts and everything else around me. It was not always easy to avoid media and at times I did answer my phone when I knew it was probably relatively important, but for the most part I experienced little or no media. I was able to accomplish more than I normally do, and I was also able to spend more time studying then I normally devote myself to. This media avoidance experiment gave me a sense of broken shackles and I realized it did not have to have the powerful grip that I had allowed it to have over me.

Music is something I love and it is one of my number one passions. But with everything in life a healthy balance is always necessary. This comes with self discipline, which is one of the hardest things to have. Media has become more than a fad but a genetic makeup of our culture and society. It is important to be engaged in, but the massive amounts we consume each day is something that we should monitor. While in the beginning I hated going two days without media, I also realized the importance of silence and being able to give yourself time to step back from the constant bombardment our media culture has forced all around us.

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