“Beam Me Up Scotty!”

A Perfect World

In 2035, life just does not get any better. In this world, technology flourishes and dominates even more than it does now. No need for anyone to drive anymore for all destinations will be preprogrammed into all flying cars. This nearly eliminates accidents and drunk drivers, but beware all destinations are stored into the central computer, so you better not visit any place you will regret. Computer screens will no longer exist, but all images will be projected into the air. The controller to your television is projected right onto your skin even. This keyboard or controller on your skin is called Skinput, which contains 95.5% accuracy.

Robots are in all households who can afford them. They do all the work you hated to do. At this point in life, you do not really have to do anything. Your very own robot does anything from making coffee, preparing food,  loading dishes, and even your laundry. Heck, you don’t even need to think anymore. These Robots are your very own indentured servants. Think about it, it’s late and the dog needs to go out, here comes your robot to the rescue. Americans have finally reached their ultimate form of laziness. But what would this do to a people who no longer had these responsibilities? All these advanced technologies will greatly increase our power in this world. Thomas Edison said “There is no substitute for hard work”. This might need to be something to hold onto as the world advances and things continue to get easier and we continue to get lazier.

 Doomsday Affect

 These very technologies we created have caused our utter demise. For thousands of years mankind has worked hard on advancing themselves to help create an easier lifestyle. They should have been listening to spider man when he said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Technology advanced enough to develop a mind of its own and created a whole new race which has created a war between mankind and technology. Maybe we should have paid attention to all those terrible 80’s Sci-Fi movies.

Technology was mankind’s greatest accomplishment and mankind’s greatest disaster. These nice little friendly programmed robots and machines overthrew its own creators. This has left cities in complete ruins, and left people wishing they were back in the stone ages drawing on rocks. Technology has its incredible advantages but this scenario is more metaphorical to what it could really be doing to our minds. We must never get to the point where we no longer use our minds in which they were intended. Everything was never meant to be so easy and done for us. We as people must always remember and value hard work. Mankind must never let the easy way always have be the right way.

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