Online Relationships: A Modern Day Phenomenon

Single, in a relationship, engaged, or married? These are all relationship statuses one would see on Facebook. The days of a private love life are quickly coming to an end according to Twanna Hines in an article she released for fastcompany. No longer are people’s love lives private. We advertise to everyone we know our relationship status via Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.  Information on our love lives is becoming transmitted faster, and the gossip that surrounds these relationships is elevated even more. Studies are showing that Facebook and other social networking sites can actually be quite damaging to a relationship. Why does Facebook use relationship statuses? They will admit themselves that it has huge market, and your information is given over to online dating companies. According to Hines one out of every 3 Americans know someone who have found a date using the computer. I suspect this statistic is probably higher.

 Facebook is now the new relationship determinant. I have many times heard the phrase “It isn’t official unless you see the break up on Facebook.” How many have you know people who post every waking moment of their relationship on Facebook? It is almost sickening. People feel the need they have to advertise all of their private moments online. Social networking sites have completely shifted how people’s love lives are viewed and carried out. Elizabeth Persimmons discusses how Facebook ruins relationships on her article for Examiner. One of the problems she claims contributes to the damaging of relationships is the fact couples post their fights online. It is awkward enough when a couple fights in front of you, now they are fighting in front of their 600 Facebook friends.

 Social networking has decreased the value of human touch and personal contact. Our lives and relationships were not meant to be lived through a computer. Facebook is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but it is very easy to abuse this social networking phenomenon. It takes discipline and wisdom to know what things to broadcast on Facebook and what things to keep private. Times are changing, and the way our lives are lived and are carried out have forever been changed. Facebook has revolutionized our relationships and how we live our everyday lives. If you have not realized this by now it’s time you better start.

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