Disney: More Than Just Children’s Movies

Walt Disney’s movies and concepts are unique, and they are exactly what this world needs. These stories are about unlikely friends, overcoming transgressions, conquering fears, and rising above adversities. All these attributes of these movies are ones that are not only good for kids to aspire to, but also adults. Kids grow up carrying these concepts and it becomes embedded into them. Believing in the triumph of good over evil is important. It may not always be reality but believing in these things is important in overcoming adversities and teaching our children values.

My two personal favorite Disney movies growing up were Aladdin and the Lion King. I love Aladdin so much that my best friend Alex and I bought a 30 pack of beer and had an Aladdin marathon last year. I can confidently say I am ok with that being a twenty-four year old man, I still enjoy Disney movies. The Disney culture is one that I cherish and reminds me of my childhood. Here is an article that further explains Disney’s culture and values, and its purpose in distilling these characteristics into children. How can the teaching of friendship and perseverance be a bad thing? People today have become overly critical, and are missing the point of Disney movies when they are viewed negatively.

It is true that these movies are not reality, and life does not always turn out perfect like in these movies. But children need to see the good in the world, and the importance of learning these values at a young age is crucial to a child’s development. Instilling values and exposure to these forms of popular culture will brighten the future of our nation’s children. I personally loved growing up with these movies and am happy that my parents exposed me to them. My world now is obviously far different than a Disney movie, but movies in general can help encourage and inspire human beings to be better people. These values that Disney movies portray are values that we all as humans can aspire to. Maybe its time we try to live some of these principles, if we do maybe we will see “A whole new world.”

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