Honeymoon With My Brother

New York Times best seller Honeymoon with My Brother is more than just a book, but an adventure that captures the reader’s deepest longings. In this memoir you experience laughter, sorrow, joy, fear, and courage. This book was given to me by my cousin Ben, and this true story written by Franz Wisner has inspired me to think and live my life differently. Honeymoon with My Brother encourages you to live passionately, and live each day to its greatest potential. Reading this book had a tremendous impact on my life, opened up some of my deepest passions, and helped give me the courage to chase them.

In this book, Wisner writes about his tale of being left at the altar. Wisner already had his honeymoon paid for so he decides to take his brother, who he had fallen out of contact with for many years. The honeymoon became an incredible adventure, and there bond was restored after years of it being non existent. Franz and his brother Kurt did want this epic honeymoon to end at all. They ended up deciding to take an incredible risk and quit there jobs and sell there houses. For the next 2 years they used their money to travel around the world to 53 different countries. Dealing with there painful pasts they moved forward in living the life they always wanted. They go through a great healing process and begin to become the men they always wanted to be.  This book was so inspirational that Oprah added it to her book club, and brought the author Franz Wisner and his brother Kurt Wisner onto her show.

This book is what really inspired me to chase my dreams, and not let life slip by without pursuing my greatest passions and desires. I have learned that it does not matter the heart aches and pains an individual endures, it can be overcome, and everyone has the chase to make right there wrongs. When everything in life seems to be crashing down a fresh abundant life is always around the corner, but it’s up to you to pursue it. It is because of this book I went to Puerto Rico this past summer with my brother and friends. We ended up traveling all over the island, which turned out to be an incredible life changing experience. I credit this book also to why I am current planning on studying abroad next year. For a long time I would dream many things but never have the courage to chase these dreams. Most people walk through this life never willing to take the risk it takes to just go for it. Rarely a gift comes along where someone is shaken from there state of slumber, and end up becoming there hearts greatest and deepest desires.

I highly recommend this book for someone looking to be inspired to looking for the strength to chase there dreams. The success the authors received from this book allowed them to even plan another trip and write there follow up book called How the World Makes Love. Reading Wisner’s books will help shake you and wake you up. This one life we have to live should never go to waste. Wisner teachers what this life should look like, and that your biggest adventure is right around the corner if you have the courage to chase it.

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