Movies: Modern Day Salesmen

Product placement in movies is brilliantly making major corporations millions of dollars. The use of product placement, and the money received for using these products, ends up funding a good portion of many major feature films. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen incorporated product placement in such a strategic way, it is mind boggling when realizing its extremities. When viewing movies, the viewer does not even realize that they are being sold a product just because of its strategic placement within the film.

Transformer’s plot is about alien life forms that reside in cars, helicopters, and airplanes. These transportation vehicles turn into giant robots, and find themselves on earth in the middle of an intergalactic war. Product placement within this movie incorporates multiple different consumer markets that it uses for advertising. Major blockbuster movies like this one are one advertisers love. They know so many people are going to be viewing the film ahead of time, they can exploit the opportunity to overuse product placement to extreme levels.

This movie has been a goldmine for General Motors. General Motors use there cars throughout the entire movie. It ends up feeling like you are just watching one big General Motors advertisement during the movie. Apple, Mountain Dew, Xbox 360, and many other products find there way in the movie also. They end up squeezing these products briefly between the speeding Cameros and big Hummers. The U.S. military could even be considered product placement in this movie, which is used as an advertisement to join the service. Many advertisements may seem inadvertent but there intentions are far beyond than you may realize.

GM obviously seems to be the biggest product placement company for this movie. Throwing action, attractive people, adventure, and awesome looking cars throughout the whole movie, it becomes a good enough advertisement for my consumerist filled mind. Even though MacBook for apple had a pretty big placement for advertising in this movie, it is hard to top General Motors when all you see are General Motors products from start to finish. An article on Blogcritics takes a much closer look at GM’s use of product placement for this movie.

In a poor economic time period, product placement has become even more important for companies. It tries to boost the consumers mind into desiring these products. The U.S. military in a time of war stands to benefit from being able to advertise themselves through this type of movie. Many people would not think of the military as product placement, but the raw truth reveals that it is. I would be curious to see if enlistment numbers rise, after a large blockbuster with heavy use of the military is released. Advertisement this way is extremely intelligent, but the feeling like my mind is being inadvertently penetrated to buy certain products, leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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