Advertising and Boundaries

Dear Mr. Zinczenko,

The October 2010 issue of Men’s Health contained an incredibly offensive campaign ad that was reissued from the 1960’s. This offensive ad was for Kenwood Chef, and completely is demeaning to women and their social status. The ad reads “The Chef does everything but cool, that’s what wives are for.” I for one, find this offensive being quite the cook myself. This ad makes it seem that I am feminine for taking up this hobby. In case you are not aware cooking should not be associated with any one particular gender role, and the magazine should take much greater responsibility and caution on the ads it decides to publish.

There are many other ways this product can be advertised, that would be in a way that is not demeaning or demoralizing to someone else. This ad is an utter outrage and should not be used in any further issues of the magazine. There is no particular sex that cooking is subjective to. I believe you should seriously consider an apology in the next magazine issue that is released. Responsible and appropriate ads are something that should be high on the magazine’s priority list or I am going to consider discontinuing my subscription. Poor ad responsibility can be very damaging to its viewers, which is seen in this article on MSNBC. Irresponsible and inappropriate ads have played a damaging role on children’s health.

The Kenwood Chef ad not only is offensive against women and displaying patriarchy, but it is incredibly offensive to men also. The disrespect to women is uncalled for. Your magazine is also known to use women as objects, and dehumanizes them as people. The Kenwood Chef ad is only the tip of the iceberg. Inappropriate and irresponsible ads have been a constant for this magazine and it seriously needs to reexamine itself. Today it is even more important to be careful with advertising than ever before. Please take this letter as a letter of care and concern, and its purpose is not to come across as condemnation, but one to make aware of the seriousness of the negative effects this ad has on people.

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