BP: An Attempt Towards Restoration

This summer everyone around America had become all too familiar the United States worst natural disaster in our nation’s history. Estimations of over 100 million gallons of crude oil were spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, causing environmental damage of catastrophic proportions. BP the company responsible for this oil spill has received a lot of criticism for this disaster. Marine life has been seriously damaged and destroyed throughout many places in the Gulf. This crude oil has washed onto the shores of Louisiana and other surrounding Gulf coastal states. It has ruined the beaches for hundreds of miles requiring massive high powered cleanup.

 If I were to be in charge of a public relations campaign I would develop a campaign entitled Restoration Gulf. In this campaign BP would except full responsibility for their actions, and will supply all the necessary funds, time, and effort to restore the Gulf as much as humanly possible. Many fisherman and other marine related jobs have been lost. In compensation for that they would either be directly paid through BP during their unemployment, or BP would pay them to assist in the oil cleanup so they have a job. Costumer relations staff would be on site at every majorly effected site. They would be stationed there in order to assist with the surrounding affected families.

 The biggest message trying to be displayed is that BP cares about what happened, and wants to make right by any means possible. It does not matter how long it takes, BP will not rest until the job is thoroughly complete. Commercials will be launched nationwide showing that BP cares about those who have suffered and the environment. New regulations will be set in place for every oil site within the company. In showing that BP is serious about their mistakes, they would fund research for greener forms of energy to show their honest sincerity towards the environment. Progress reports are to be released every month with an official press release on how far along the cleanup project is.

 This obviously cannot completely make up for all that was lost, but it is an honest foot forward toward restoration of the Gulf and its families. It is an honest approach instead of sweeping it under the carpet (which would be hard to do with an incident of such a large magnitude). BP is taking the necessary steps to deserve a second chance. Even amongst severe tragedy, when someone owns up to their mistakes honestly and has sincere efforts to make amends, they deserve our respect. I believe if BP follows this path truly than they should at least be commended for their efforts in attempting to mend their transgressions.

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