“Consuming Kids” Reaction Blog

“Consuming Kids” was an eye opening film, and really put things into perspective on how sickening major corporations advertising approach to children is. There comes a time when someone has to stand up and put an end to this. Is it even possible to stop how intrusive and evasive this approach to advertising is? It was amazing the lengths, and extent of research, these companies go to in order to reach children. It’s all about making that dollar and exploiting young kids means nothing to these companies.

 It will be interesting one day when I am parent how I will approach this whole issue. I find it this whole issue alarming and an overwhelming feeling rises up to not let this happen to my children. I hope I have the courage to not give into this type of hypnotizing behavior. This interesting article goes into a more in-depth approach to the issue dealing with psychological impacts on kids. These forms of advertising force materialism into the brains so young that adolescent brains soak it in like a sponge. This is why my generation is polluted with the overwhelming need for so many materials and possessions. What are ways we can combat this? Maybe not let your child watch so much television where he is exposed to so many forms of advertising. These practices to say the least are unethical.

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